Balinese Style Bathroom Renovation

Imagine a beautiful piece of Balinese reality in the privacy and comfort of your own home. An earthly style natural and organic bathroom in a tropical setting, with the calming sounds of water and a harmonious bird’s chirp. Enjoy what nature can offer as you soak in the bath while savouring the beauty of the stars twinkling brightly in the night sky or the feel of the leaves as they slowly touch your skin while taking a morning shower. This is what you get when you pursue a Balinese inspired bathroom renovation. We have listed below, the main key aspects you need to take into consideration when designing and undertaking a Bali inspired bathroom renovation.

The Core Elements of a Balinese Style Bathroom:

Bath and Showers:

Balinese style bathroom materials need to be as natural as possible. So, either stone, or wood are the core base materials to go for. A stone incorporated bath and shower will look amazing. A mix of non-slip pebbles and stone style tiles can be used for the bathroom floors. This will give the bathroom a very natural yet relaxing look and feel. Simple yet effective bathroom tip.

Wood and Bamboo:

Balinese are famous for having intricately designed and carved wooden style settings. Things like carved statues, and ornaments are a great addition to the Bali style look you are going for. Bamboo and white screening are a great option for a bathroom door. Adding an antique Javanese boat teak or statues made of greenstone bring out the Balinese touch as well. A natural combined timber, stone and greenery is the base when creating a Balinese style bathroom renovation. Use some hand-carved pieces to top off the overall look.

Color and Hues:

Colour is a crucial component that will make or break and bathroom renovation design. Colour brings life to a piece and choosing the right shades for your bathroom can bring out its Balinese look and feel. Our advice is, be bold when choosing colours for your, plants, art work, fixtures and fittings. Brown hues, natural and neutral colors are perfect for your timbers and floors. Modern tiles are made to look like timber slates, allowing you to have a tiled bathroom floor that looks like it is made of wood. Wall tiles can be either a natural clean white or brown / tan colour depending on the look you are going for. Remembering, you are trying to achieving a tropical overall look and feel.


For the bathtub lovers, there are some crucial things to consider when trying to achieve the perfect Bali-inspired bathroom. Nothing beats a comfortable idle lying tub with a good depth. You are trying to create a space where you can jump in and relax, while listening to some waterfall inspired background music. A free-standing bath is our recommendation. They have a more natural look, over a boxed in and tiled bath. Try using fixtures with a wooden or golden look or transfer your bath essentials into brown ceramic containers.


There are two way you can go with a bathroom vanity. You can go for a sophisticated vanity with double sink for you and your partner. Or you can go for a simple, clean looking white vanity. The double vanity option allows you and your partner to enjoy the experience together. One option is to replace the standard vanity top with a wooden top. This is done by removing the exiting top of the unit. Then acquiring a timer slab, which are always available on places like Gumtree. You need to cut the top to fit the size of your vanity. This can be done by using the old vanity top as a template. The next step is to acquire a sink that you can stick to the bottom of the new timber top. Use a good quality silicone to stick the sink to the underside of the timber. This will ensure it has a good grip and will be waterproof. Lastly, you will need to waterproof the timber top using a high-quality waterproof varnish or epoxy coating. On the vanity pictured below, we used a thick epoxy coating and the finish was amazing.

Frosted Glass:

If you want a hot steamy tropical look, have your way with frosted glass. Frosted glass not only provides great privacy for shower screens and windows, but is a great way make your bathroom look and feel like you are in the tropics.


Often overlooked, but one thing that adds a lovely touch to any bathroom renovation is a nice mirror. If you have a small bathroom, adding a big mirror can surely give it the illusion of being more spacious. A mirror with a brass or wooden frame with intricate carvings will go a long way to creating a Bali look and feel.

Natural Air Flow:

A Balinese style bathroom can be created in most climates in Australia, and favor tropical areas like the Sunshine Coast. Climates that range from hot and tropical to subtropical and temperate. These warm and humid climates are ideal for open-plan rooms that allow natural airflow. They are suited best for Balinese style leafy plants that enjoy the steam and humidity created when having a hot shower.

Furniture and Art work:

If you have a large bathroom space, having some lovely waterproof wodden furniture in neutral and natural hues incorporated into your bathroom renovation will accentuate the Balinese look you are going for. Lush paintings and bamboo screens are another great way to create this look. Indonesia is really fond of using natural bamboo. Bamboos are very common and easy to grow as well as act as a fantastic living green wall.

A tropical inspired photograph or painting gives adds more life and will give the room more on an outdoor space. Incorporating a birdcage also gives a lovely touch and enhances the overall look of your area. It will give you a fantastic real time holiday experience.

You can also add tiger grass, timber battens and beautiful laser cut screening to top your Bali style look.

You can add statues, like Buddha, umbrellas, woodcarvings and small water features for an overall Balinese look. A Balinese style bathroom renovation can be achieved by using natural materials such marbles and bluestones. It really makes your bathroom style authentic. Bali style is very flexible and can be adjusted from a modern forest like to a summer beach feels with wall inserts with art pieces.

You can also add some Indonesian style teak furniture and statues to achieve your dream Balinese inspired bathroom. If your bathroom renovation is for an ensuite, you can try adding some artwork, portraits and plants to your bedroom to match your bathroom. Having the same Bali-inspired theme for your bathroom and bedroom will give the whole area the feeling of being in Bali.


large leafy plants and a mix of different wall designs with various planters, is the way to go for a Balinese look. Vertical bamboos are lovely, together with horizontally stacked stone walls. This will emit a classic yet natural look. The core of a Bali style bathroom renovation lies in the plant life, along with the earth and water elements. Perfect choices of plants small are palms, ferns, jasmine, golden rosary and bougainvillea and other green leafy shrubs.

Outdoor Balinese Experience: 

An effective way of having a local holiday experience is building your favorite holiday setting in your own home. The main goal of a Bali inspired bathroom renovation is to have a holiday feel each moment you step inside. In order to achieve that, the interior components and design must coincide with the key features of a typical Bali setting. Have a burst of Balinese touch by merely adding a hand-carved boat teak to your bathroom is also an option if you cannot afford a full bathroom renovation. A beautiful piece like this can instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom and bring Bali to you. You can also add more pieces to go with your design in order to have a more outstanding look.

Who would’ve thought that transforming your boring old bathroom into a Balinese-style bathroom could have such an effect? Just remember to apply the tips mentioned above and it won’t be long before you can achieve that Bali-style bathroom you want. Some of these tips include doing things you can do yourself. If you need a professional finish, always hire a professional plumber to do the job for you. If you live on the Sunshine Coast, Aura Plumbing & Gas are always available to help with your bathroom renovation.