Epic Bathroom Renovation Ideas 2019

Each year brings us something new. When it comes to home design trends, things are changing very quickly.

Now, before you get turned away by the word “trend” bear in mind that we aren’t forcing you to renovate your home. Just because you have an old-fashioned design doesn’t’ mean your home is no longer beautiful.

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom, these ideas could help you get that freshest look. A bathroom renovation isn’t a simple project, no matter if you are doing it alone or with a contractor. You need to prepare in advance, plan the whole thing properly and know your bathroom renovation costs upfront.

There are many things you need to consider before starting this kind of project. You don’t want to tear everything up without a plan. The design is one of the aspects you need to consider, and this guide will help you with some great options to choose from.

Reasons why you should renovate your bathroom

We all visit the bathroom every day but don’t think much about it. None of us completely realize how important this room is for the whole household. Just think about it. You could manage without a bedroom but if you couldn’t use your bathroom, how would you handle it?

Here are some of the reasons why you should renovate your bathroom.

Water Damage:

As they are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture, even top-quality bathrooms will eventually get issues like decay, rot, mildew, or mold.

Damage caused by water can run deep and this usually means tearing up the bathroom floor. If there is a need for this kind of repair work, then you have a perfect “excuse” for a full renovation.

This is a perfect opportunity to scratch and give your bathroom a brand new look. At the same time, you will be able to deal with fundamental issues caused by water. With a new design, you can also prevent similar future issues from happening.

Increase storage space:

In the past ten years or so, the focus of bathroom design was mostly on its visual elements. Even though bathrooms have gotten smaller overall, they aren’t always practical. Ironically, one of the biggest issues is storage space.

Many bathrooms have inconvenient layouts, poorly used space, and clutter. A complete overhaul of your bathroom allows you to start all over. You can change the layout to ensure that you can store everything you need efficiently.

Make your home more comfortable:

A renovation is a perfect opportunity to set up everything the way you like it. If your bathroom isn’t functional and it annoys the hell out of you, then change it. Whether we are talking about the layout, tiles, lighting, or anything else for that matter, you can make the changes you want.

Even some modest, cosmetic changes can make a huge difference in how you feel while in the bathroom. You have hundreds of options in front of you and it’s up to you to get your bathroom up to your standards.

Increased home value:

Even though bathroom renovation costs can be high, it doesn’t mean that you will be wasting the money away. A brand new bathroom will increase the value of your home. In most cases, the added value to your home is around 50% of the money invested in the renovation. A good return, especially when you consider all the other benefits.


Renovate your bathroom around a single feature

The number one priority on your list can be an extravagant new feature which will serve as a focal point of your whole bathroom. This feature can be a waterfall shower, a modern bath, or a stylish toilet. Make the whole design and layout revolve around that single feature.


Refreshing your bathroom with design elements:

When it comes to design improvements, there are many things you can focus on. If there is no need for major repairs or plumbing changes, you can remodel your bathroom’s design elements. Here are some things you can do:

Change Lighting:

Good lighting can completely change any room. Adding special lighting to focal areas of your bathroom can highlight its best features and make it more comfortable. For example, soft light can add a sense of charm and ambiance if that’s what you’re going for.

Add Wallpaper:

A lot of people think that adding wall tiles is a must. Even though this is a great option, they also very expensive. Tiles aren’t that cheap and paying a tiler to install them only adds to the cost.

To reduce costs you can simply add wallpaper. A far cheaper option and cheaper. They come in many different styles to choose from. Additionally, you can save even more money by gluing them onto the walls yourself.

Create depth with mirrors:

Using mirrors for a vanity is standard, but you can add them to other places in your bathroom to create depth and make it look bigger. Consider adding mirrors behind the door, on the ceiling, or high on the walls.

Put laminate on the floor:

If your tiles are in dire need of replacement but you don’t have the budget, consider using laminate. There are many waterproof laminate options that mimic various textures including natural wood. They are far cheaper and offer moisture protection which makes them an ideal choice for bathroom floors.


Modern bathroom ideas

Floating Vanities :

Floating vanities are an absolute hit in the modern era. In the past, there weren’t many options to choose from but now there are hundreds of different vanities you can combine with other bathroom elements.

Floating vanities now have visual depth and come with a modern minimalistic look.  They add a whole different dimension to your bathroom layout.

At the same time, if you have moisture issues or water leakage, they won’t be affected. If you are going for a modern look, floating vanities are the right choice for you.

Marble & granite

In the past couple of years, marble & granite have become a popular choice both for bathroom and kitchen applications. The growing trend has forced vendors to expand their offers and, today, you can find a wide range of options of decorative stones.

They fit in perfectly both in modern and traditional settings and can be resold.  Having a vanity with grey marble will give your bathroom a timeless look with a classic twist.

Apart from natural stone options, you can find man-made options like quartz that also look great. They are all very durable and bring that luxurious flair you always dreamed of.

Bathroom Spa Designs

More and more people see their bathrooms as their comfort zone where they can relax and unwind. It’s no longer just about going to the bathroom to get your physiological needs taken care of.

People want to feel like they’ve gone out of their homes when they enter the bathroom.  For these reasons, spa-like designs have become popular.

People want to have the same experience at their homes as they would in a spa. This kind of setting will help you relax and forget about your everyday problems.

Black and white are hip

Blacker tones picked up last year and grown in popularity. Dark is the new trend for bathrooms, especially black. With added white for contrast, it’s possible to create an amazing modern design and combine with marble stones for a greater effect.

You can choose black for vanities, fixtures, mirrors, handles, and various finishes. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it. For many years, people avoided darker tones because they seemed “morbid” but the key is to find the right balance with lighter colours.

Thin and long tiles:

Thin tiles emerged at the end of 2018, and the trend has continued. They are finding their ways into bathrooms at full speed. There is nothing special about them, they just look cool. Just look at some examples yourself.

Their price is the same as with regular tiles and there are a lot of different options available. If you are bored with traditionally sized tiles, try out this option. Thin tiles will make your bathroom look fresh and edgy.

Small Bathroom Ideas:

You can use paint effects to make the bathroom look larger. If you put tiles on half of the height of the wall and paint the rest, you can create make the room look higher. You can also do this with tiles and wallpaper.

Make sure that the bottom layer is darker. If the whole wall is in one colour, you won’t get the depth you need. This is a very simple trick but also a clever one as it can easily help you create more space.

Go with a shower:

If you have limited space, going with a shower is the logical thing to do. A shower takes up less space than a bathtub and you can organize the layout of your bathroom in a better way.

If you have space, go with an over-shower bath as it gives you the best of both worlds. If you put darker tiles behind the shower, you will be able to create a better feel and add more depth.

Use tall storage:

When you are limited with space, freestanding options work the best. Look to find tall wired or wooden storage pieces which you can move around and put wash bags, lotions, and creams in them. This kind of storage is really handy and it saves space.

Always have the scale in mind:

Buying items that are too large for your small bathroom can dwarf it even further. Make sure that the pieces you add match the scale of the whole room. Keep basic elements and align them with each other in terms of size.


Ensuite bathroom ideas:

Ensuite bathrooms are a thing of luxury. They are private bathrooms you can slip into directly from your bedroom. It’s designed as a private area that allows a person to get away from everyone in the house and completely relax.

Here are some ideas for an ensuite bathroom:

1.    Put it in your bedroom

A new style of ensuite is a wallless one. This might sound crazy, but if want to make you ensuite and bedroom fell bigger you can knock down the wall between your bedroom and bathroom. This creates an open-plan bathroom. 

2.    Match your bedroom

The important thing is to make sure that the styles of your ensuite and bedroom match. Their overall looks should go hand in hand but you don’t have to make them identical. By doing this, you will feel like entering a special area when you go to your bathroom.

3.    Find your theme

Your ensuite should have a theme of your own. The function of this room is to be private and secluded, away from everyone. It needs to tell a story of its own with colours, accessories, tiles, and wallpapers.

4.    Make it special

Add reflective surfaces, textured tiles, glamorous lighting, and other special elements to get that glitz. A combination of black and whiter colours is also welcome here especially if you use a touch of marble stone.


Apartment bathroom renovation:

When it comes to an apartment bathroom renovation, the design is essential and it’s a priority to make the most out of the space you have.

This is the place to get creative and do something interesting because your options are really limited.

Here are some things you should consider doing:

–    Adding a pedestal sink.

–    Use some interesting tiles that catch the eye and make the room more interesting.

–    In case you have laminate or wooden floor, consider painting it to uplift the bathroom.

–    Be creative with mounted fixtures, outlets, and shelves. Put them above the toilet, in the shower, or anywhere else where they won’t be a nuisance.

–    Think about practicality and functionality. Don’t try to put in things that won’t have a purpose or can’t be used properly. Keep things simple, this is not a place to go crazy.

–    Add something that shows off your personality.

In the end, remember to take your time and consider all the possibilities. Just because we are talking about a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you should pay less attention. Put in the time and work to make it look special even with all the limitations.


Simple Bathroom Designs:

If you aren’t looking to do anything special with your bathroom renovation, you don’t have to. Nobody is saying that you absolutely MUST tear everything up. There are various simple changes you can do to refresh the look of your bathroom.

 Here are some simple ideas that can help you do this:

–    Install a wall-mounted faucet: When you have a faucet mounted on the wall you can cut in and create narrower vanity or sink. In turn, you will get a lot more free space in the bathroom. In the end, it also looks interesting.

–    Attach the towel bar to the back of your door:  If you’re really space-limited, attaching a towel bar on the door of your bathroom can be useful. You can hang several towels there at all times. Additionally, other towels can be stored in a cabinet.

–    Install a floating vanity:  A floating vanity can make your bathroom look bigger. Additionally, you can get more items underneath, or flowers, and other decorations.

–    Put a sink in the corner: A corner sink can be practical for several reasons. First of all, you won’t have to pass by the sink to get to your shower or bath. On the other hand, the shower door won’t be facing the sink directly.

–    Put a shower curtain: Instead of getting a large glass door, you can simply use a shower curtain. It moves the same way as a door would and prevents water from spilling all over the bathroom.


Storage ideas


One of the essential elements of organizing your bathroom is storage. You need to have proper storage space to put all of the clothes, products, and personal hygiene items you will be using. The better the storage you have, the less clutter you will have.

As a result, your bathroom will be more functional and look prettier. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom or a large one, here are some storage ideas to consider.

–    Install several shelves: if you have room for them and go with iron hardware units.

–    Use large boxes: for storing items that you don’t use that often. This is a better option than having dozens of items getting lost around the bathroom. Make sure that the boxes are labeled properly.

–    Wall-mounted cabinets: are a must-have as they can help you save valuable space you might need for other things. Furthermore, these cabinets can have a stunning look and bring that vintage feel to your bathroom.

–    Consider getting multi-level baskets: for all storage needs. They can save a lot of space but help you layer items on different levels.



When renovating your bathroom, all the details are very important. Many people focus only on ceramics and furniture and forget about everything else. Fittings also need to be considered especially because they need to serve you for a long time.

Apart from being a functional element, fittings can also be a great decoration. Even though most bathroom fixtures will come with standard fittings, you should consider changing them right away. If you aren’t getting new fixtures when renovating, then just consider replacing fixtures.

A lot of people confuse fixtures and fittings and you need to make a clear difference. Fixtures can come with fittings but they are more permanent parts that can last for a long time. Fittings, on the other hand, need to be replaced more often.

Here are some examples of fittings:

–    Shower curtains
–    Bathroom furniture
–    Toilet seats
–    Toilet paper holders
–    Soap dispensers

And some examples of fixtures:

–    Toilets
–    Showers
–    Baths
–    Sinks
–    Taps



No bathroom is complete with at least a single mirror. Mirrors are a very important accessory and they can bring both practical and visual benefits. A big mirror in a small bathroom can make the whole room look bigger. Putting a mirror next to the window will help bring natural sunlight into the bathroom.

To find a perfect mirror, you need to consider several things. When it comes to mirrors, there are a lot of options and we can’t give you a straight suggestion. Instead, we will give you several important tips that will help you choose the right mirror for your renovated bathroom:

1.    Consider the frame

The mirror’s frame design can either fit in perfectly in your whole design theme or completely ruin the whole concept. You need to visualize the mirror in your bathroom and how it will fit in with the general aesthetics.

2.    The mirror needs space around it

When attaching a mirror, bear in mind that you will need extra space around it. Why? It simply looks good and putting next to some vanity or cabinet will look really weird. You should leave around 3 inches between the vanity and your mirror and up to 6 inches between the ceiling.

3.    What is the purpose of your bathroom mirror?

There are various reasons why you can add a mirror into your bathroom. If you just want it for the reflection, get something simple and regular-sized. If you want to make it special, get a big one. Find one that has an ornate frame and can help people see their whole reflection.

4.    Find the right size

There is nothing wrong with having a big mirror but if there is no room for it, don’t put it there. Measure the whole space you reserved for your mirrors and get accurate dimensions. That’s how you will be able to find a suitable option.


Tiles are a very important part of every bathroom. Many bathrooms are recognized by them as their patterns and layouts can make every room special. However, you don’t have to use tiles on your bathroom floor only. You can put them on walls, in the shower, and even on the ceiling.

Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles are one of the most popular choices today. The best combination of colours is, of course, black and white. This is a classic option but if you want something simple that will look good, this is your option.

Large hexagon tiles

If you want your bathroom to make a huge statement, look for the largest tile options. Hexagon is not an often-used shape but it’s coming back in great style. Look for tiles that are at least 8 x 8 inches.

Fish scale tiles

If you haven’t ever seen fish scale tiles, then you should check them out. They look really great in darker colours, but you can also combine black and white together to make your floor really interesting.

Tiny bathroom tiles

If you want to go the other way in terms of size, you can do that as well. If your bathroom is small, using tiny tiles can make it look larger. You can also combine different sizes of tiles.

For example, you can use tiny tiles for your shower and get larger ones for your bathroom floor. This will create an interesting balance and contrast in your renovated bathroom.


Bathroom lighting often goes down on the list of renovation priorities. This is especially important if you have a large bathroom and you want to highlight the whole space. So let’s see what you can do in terms of lighting to improve your bathroom.

Light up your bath

As we mentioned earlier, bathrooms are becoming home spas where people can relax. To create this kind of atmosphere, it’s important to add great lighting. Make sure your bath or shower are lit properly and consider dimmed lights.

Start from the ceiling and go down

First, think about where you will mount the lights. We are talking about your general illumination and the most important light. Then add lighting above vanities and mirrors. In the end, consider wall illumination art and strip lighting.

Use LED lighting

The LED lighting is a popular choice today for bathroom illumination. LED lights come in different varieties and colours which you can fit in with the theme of your whole bathroom. They also save a lot of energy.

LED lights don’t get warmed up and they spend less electricity. This means you will spend less money on electricity overall. On top of that, they last for a long time so you won’t have to change them often.


Having at least a small single window in your bathroom is a must. Having a nice view and a natural source of lighting will always make the whole room light up. The bathroom windows can be one of the essential elements that help establish the overall symmetry of the whole area.

To open up a small bathroom and make it look spacious, put a large window across the wall. This can also open up a great relaxing view you can enjoy. The window doesn’t have to be the main focus of your design.

In fact, in most cases, it’s best to fit them in with the rest of the designs. If you want to have more privacy while having windows, put them high, close to the ceiling, so that you can let light in without anyone looking at you through the window.

Feature Wall

If you want to add more character to your stylish bathroom, consider adding a feature wall. If you have one in other rooms why not have one in the bathroom? There are a couple of ideas we can suggest.

Wooden feature wall

Wood can be found often in the bathroom. Even though using it for walls is terrible, it can be really good for a feature wall. Wood has interesting textures and, by combining colours and mosaics, you can make an amazing feature wall.

Mirror feature wall

This I a practical way to add a feature wall. Additional mirrors are always a good idea in bathrooms and a feature wall gives you the opportunity to do more with them. You can add differently shaped and sized mirrors with various frames to enrich your feature wall and the whole bathroom.

Stone feature wall

It’s probably a better idea to use stone on larger walls. However, by mixing colours and textures, you can even pull it off on smaller walls. You can also align the stones so that you can put decorations like plants on them to make the wall even more vivid.


We hope these bathroom renovation tips help you rejuvenate your bathroom. Bear in mind that you need to organize yourself properly and find a reliable bathroom renovation company that can take care of your renovation project.