Gas Safety Tips For Your Home.

Let the professionals Handle it

When installed and used correctly natural gas is safe and convenient. But gas leaks can occur and knowing the first signs can prevent a major disaster and keep your family safe.

Only trust a qualified plumber gas fitter when installing your ovens and gas cooktops. Gas leaks do not just appear from wear and tear, often it is from incorrect installations of gas lines and gas appliances. You want peace of mind that your house is safe and hiring a licensed gas fitter will ensure everything is to Australian Code and gas leaks avoided.

In Australia it is mandatory for any work on gas lines to be carried out by a qualified plumber gas fitter. This needs to be taken seriously as in most cases your insurance won’t cover you and you can also be liable for any damages and fines if an accident occurs.

Know the first signs of a leak educating yourself with the basic knowledge of how to detect a gas leak could save your life. The most obvious sign of a gas leak is of course the smell, if you notice a prominent smell inside your house its most likely there is a leak and you should immediately turn off gas appliances and open up all windows. We suggest you also take notice of your appliances running well, as the cook top can be another sign of a possible leak. When ignited your gas cooktop should have good crisp blue flames mixed with orange and yellow. If the blue flame becomes absent most likely there is a leak in the line. Also watch out for burnt areas on your appliances as this can also indicate a leak. Sometimes smaller gas leaks will not be so obvious.

Look out for other signs

  • Bubbles in water
  • Struggling or dead house plants
  • Hissing or whistling sound near gas lines
  • Smell of sulphur or rotten eggs

Report gas leaks to avoid accidents and never handle gas alone. Often people underestimate how big the problem can be and what may look like a small issue can be disguised a major gas leak. Don’t put the pressure on yourself and do the responsible thing as a home owner and call the professionals at the first sign of a leak to avoid worse outcomes like poisoning, fire and explosions. Poison from a gas leak refers to carbon monoxide when it is emitted when gas burns incompletely, this can be very serious and fatal.

Carbon Monoxide is colourless, odourless and tasteless so we strongly suggest the use of a carbon monoxide detector which can be picked up from your local Bunnings. Carbon monoxide alarms utilise electrochemical sensor for increased accuracy. The alarm allows you to easily view the carbon monoxide (CO) levels in your home and report leaks at the first sign.
If you suspect a major gas leak leave the doors open and evacuate everyone including pets immediately and call 000.

If you are unsure of the condition of your gas lines, or suspect a leak give our qualified plumber gasfitters a call to take care of it so you don’t have the stress.