Plumbing Check List Ready For Winter

Queensland weather has been pretty unpredictable lately and as winter approaches the warmer clothes are being brought out and the fireplaces already starting to burn. Although winter doesn’t officially start until June, we have already seen some chilly nights and mornings along the Sunshine Coast and with all this rain it makes the nights a little cooler and enticing to have long hot showers. As winter approaches it’s a good idea to go over your plumbing system to prepare for the temperature drop.

Outdoor Tips

Service the Taps

You need to protect the outdoor taps as they’re exposed to the harsh elements and colder weather can cause havoc on the washers. Most outside taps are installed with cheap quality plastic washers and can lead to cracks under the colder temps. Preparation is key and now is the perfect time to drain the garden hoses, and check for drips and any visible damage. If you need help, contact a reliable plumber in your area. Don’t underestimate the damage a leaky outdoor tap can do to your back pocket when the water bill comes. On average 1 drip = ¼ of a Millilitre this equates to 1 drip every second or 21 Litres of water a day or 8000 Litres a year. You can now see the importance of installing quality washers and maintenance on your outdoor taps often an item neglected or overlooked.

Shut Off Valve

Are you unsure if your house has a shut off valve or where it would be located? in Australia it is regulation that they are all located on the water meter. Most shut off valves are cheaply made and hard to turn off we recommend installing a ball valve somewhere on the entry line in a convenient location for shut off in an emergency situation. We install Ball valves on every new build as good practice.

Service the Hot Water Unit

The hot water system gets a workout in winter with the longer showers and colder external temperatures. There is nothing worse than a cold shower in winter so knowing your hot water system is crucial. On the side of your system there will be a serial number which will have a date of manufacture, most systems over 10 to 12 years old you will start to run the risk of failure. Some may outlast this all depending on regular servicing and water conditions. We strongly suggest if you are running an older system that you have it serviced. If you have a storage style hot water system weather solar, electric, heat pump or gas all of these systems have a sacrificial anode which is designed to corrode before the tank itself. If you do not have the anode replaced every 5 years for electric or yearly for heat pump you run a high risk of your tank corroding within itself.

Let plumbing professionals help you prepare for winter

While most of these tips you can check over yourself, its always best to have a qualified plumber check over your house in preparation for winter especially the hot water system. If you discover any issues or even just want to have your washers replaced as a precaution, give us a call and we will take care of it for you. Call us on 0421 805 024 or send an email via our contact page.