Remote Construction

At Ri-con, we are motivated by our passion for the land and the people to help us consistently deliver quality projects in the most challenging of environments.Australia’s remote regions are variable, extreme and un-predictable. It is these challenges that drive the innovation and commitment of our professional team who continuously strive to exceed expected outcomes.Our company reputation is founded on highly skilled and trained operators, with many years experience in remote area operations, equipped to establish Ri-con as the leader in remote construction.

We also draw on the expertise of local subcontractors, where possible, providing a professional selection of trades with local knowledge appropriate to remote conditions.The company is developing an Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy, enabling indigenous workers to enter the building and construction workforce equipped with the knowledge, skills and understandings needed to gain and sustain employment and maintain social health and stability.

By working in partnership with local communities, we strive to establish not only the physical buildings, but community legacies that exist long after our project teams have finished work on the site.The lessons learned during every project helps us to refine our approach to the continued delivery of excellent service and lasting value in regional and remote Australian communities.

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Aura Contractors has extensive experience in residential projects, from new builds and renovations to maintenance of existing systems.

Every member of our team is fully licensed, and has the skill and experience to do a quality job with the highest level of professionalism.

Our services include:

• New Builds
• Renovations
• Drainage Solutions
• Hot Water Systems (Installations and replacements)
• Septic Tanks (Installations and replacements)
• Gas Testing & Installations
• Rainwater Tanks (Inspections and installations)